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The Scrap Cabana Studio Cancellation Policy

Please review our Cancellation Policy - Updated 1-2023

The Scrap Cabana Weekend Scrapbook Retreat Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellations prior to our events are NON-REFUNDABLE.  No store credits or refunds will be offered.

All paid & registered participant cancellations to our events are NON-REFUNDABLE; we do not offer a refund of any monies under any circumstances. Based on your date of cancellation, you may have movement options.

Cancellations MUST be received in writing either by e-mail or mailed. Due to the large number of events, we conduct yearly, we do not accept phone calls, text or FB messages as cancellations.  The date we receive the written cancellation is the actual cancellation date. Once you have notified us of your written cancellation, based on the date of the cancellation, if applicable, download The Scrap Cabana Retreat Movement Request Form on our website and mail in with replacement date selection and management fee.

Cancellations Prior to Event BEFORE Two-Week Deadline:  Cancellations received two weeks prior to the beginning date of the Weekend Scrapbook Event will be offer the option of movement to another Weekend Scrapbook Retreat within a year of cancellation of equal or lessor value with an additional retreat management fee of $15.00.  Themed retreat cancellations will not receive any refunds to the movement of our regular, no frills, or special retreat cost.   Only ONE Weekend move is permissible. Once you have confirmed your replacement date retreat, if you are unable to attend your replacement cancellation date Weekend Scrapbook Retreat, you will not receive a refund of any monies nor any additional movements. Our retreats fill quickly so please select your replacement date as soon as possible as we will not extend the expiration if your selected date is full. If you do not choose an open date prior to the expiration of your year extension, we do not extend your cancellation period.

Cancellations Two Weeks Prior to Event:  Cancellations less than or equal to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event will not receive a refund of any monies nor can they move to another Weekend Scrapbook Retreat. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unfortunately, due to various reasons for cancellations, we cannot define which cancellation clarification is more prevalent than another’s; therefore, we need to be consistent with our policy and any cancellation less than or equal to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event is non-movable, non-refundable. If you can fill your spot with another guest, you may arrange between yourself and that person for the exchange of monies.  In the event of transfer of your weekend event, we would need to be notified by email, the name, email address and contact information of the replacement individual prior to the start date of your scheduled event.

We reserve the right to cancel a Weekend Scrapbook Retreat if there is not a minimum of 10 people.  If that happens, we will offer you an alternate date within a year of the original retreat date to reschedule your registration.

2023 Cancellation Policy Regarding COVID-19: After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020, in 2023 any Covid cancellations must adhere to our standard cancellation policy. After March 2020, COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. By registering for our events, post COVID-19, the risk of contracting the virus is likely possible. When we accept registrations for our weekends, fill our events and/or close our registration to additional participants, we rely on your attendance to fulfill our monthly rental expenses. While we understand these are unprecedented times, as a struggling business we have had to continually adjust our business strategies and after 3 years, Covid-19 no longer applies as an exception to our standard cancellation policy. While we are sympathetic to all cancellations due to various reasons, we must be consistent in our policy for it to be deemed valid.

The Scrap Cabana Weekend Scrapbook Retreat Disclaimers

I understand that the scrapbook products, including the die cutting machine(s), punches and other equipment at the event, chairs, electrical towers, OttLite, ScrapMaBob & general equipment may cause injury if not used correctly and carefully.  I agree and hold harmless, The Scrap Cabana, LLC, Michelle Salisbury, for any injuries sustained as a result from the use of the equipment, which has been provided for my use during the event.  The Scrap Cabana, LLC, will be held harmless against any loss, expenses, damages and liabilities in the event of injury or accident that may occur or has occurred at The Scrap Cabana Scrapbook Weekend Retreats.  The Scrap Cabana, LLC will not be held responsible for any loss of products due to damages, lost or stolen items that may occur during the event.  By attending our retreats, you consent to the use of photos in which you may appear. SECURITY NOTICE REGARDING THE USE OF CAMERA/VIDEO SURVEILLANCE at The Scrap Cabana Studio.  For the safety of our scrappers, customers, volunteers & staff members, The Scrap Cabana Studio employs video surveillance equipment for security purposes. This equipment may or may not be recorded and/or monitored at any time.  The Scrap Cabana Studio’s surveillance cameras/video is located only in public areas where there is no “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Public areas include building entrances, common area & reception/register. Surveillance cameras are not located in “private” areas such as restrooms or private massage room. We also reserve the right to cancel or move a Weekend Scrapbook Retreat to another location or date and if you choose to make hotel reservations other than under our “hotel block” we are not responsible for the cost and or/refund for the cost of your hotel reservations.  By registering, purchasing and attending this weekend retreat, I agree to this disclaimer and cancellation policy.

The Scrap Cabana, LLC | 96 East Schoolhouse Rd (IL RT. 126), Yorkville, IL  60560

UPDATED Cancellation Policy & Retreat Disclaimer, 12-2022

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