Covid Recovery Fundraiser - We are the Masketters!  

Mask Fundraising for The Scrap Cabana Studio

Face Mask's are our new normal, so why not express your personality by selecting and purchasing one of our unique handmade designs while also helping keep our small business alive!  By purchasing one of our mask, your donation will help us continue to stay open and to try and recoup the loss of revenue that as a small business we were forced to incur during our mandatory closure for 4 months in March, April, May & June this year.   

We had a dream of bringing together like minded crafters 13 years ago. We had been living that dream until Covid19 hit. This post isn’t something I could have ever imagined but it’s time to swallow our pride and ask for your help in keeping the dream alive for all of us! 
If you have to wear a mask, why not make it fashionable! 
We as too many other small business were forced to closed abruptly & lost our successful momentum for 3 months completely, and we still can’t fully open to our norm. It was extremely terrifying when we lost all ability to sustain our family livelihood & keep our lil company alive. When we entered Phase 3 in Illinois, I had multiple quandaries in regards to safely opening. Is it safe to host our events in our Studio? Can we keep our participants, ourselves & their families safe? Is it selfish to open our retail business? 

Did any big box stores CEO’s lose sleep, stress out or even contemplate the safety of their customers? They were never forced to close. They were able to stay open, develop multiple changing “safety” plans as the contagion & months progressed. Amazingly they recently posted record breaking revenues during the Covid months while numerous small business folded. 🤔

We are all living during an unprecedented pandemic. We have researched, educated ourselves and implement the suggested guidelines by the CDC, IDPH, and Restore Illinois Plans to safely open our store. We have hosted 15 events since late June but we are far from recovery. Your safety is our number one concern. Our business safety precautions are in place because of you, your family members, myself, my staff & our families! 

As a small business we have been fortunate for the opportunity to open on a much smaller scale, limits on our gatherings, then is actually financially feasible. BUT.....we don’t give up! We have been suffering, but we are resilient, stubborn & hopeful so we will forge ahead and try to make up for the months of loss. 

With that said we can’t do this alone & would like to request your assistance so that we can continue to keep our Studio open. Bottom line, we can’t do this alone. We are swallowing our pride and asking for help. We are hosting a fundraiser to help keep us open and to try and recoup the loss of revenue just to pay our past rent & expenses. Our small business didn’t qualify for the PPP loan as we don’t have payroll employees. We have survived for 13 years with the assistance of our volunteers. Do they earn perks? Most definitely but we don’t 1099 them but absorb the cost of those perks! 

Mask are our new reality. Our family has worked tons of hours in what my kids deem “The Cabana Sweatshop” but it’s been quality family time that I requested of them to help us. They pitched in, no questions asked and I love that about them! We have sewn 100’s of fun mask designs for you! We have created these mask, which can be purchased blank or customized to show your support of crafting & scrapbooking in exchange for your donations in your support of The Scrap Cabana Studio. 

We have offered these mask in our Studio the past 4 months for our customers and the response has been awesome! We now request your help. Our mask are hand made, machine washable and constructed with love. Our mask include rope comfy elastic in white or black based on mask selection. We can also add the nose guard for those with glasses. Each $10.00 donation to our Covid Recovery Fund will include 1 mask. You may also donate additional amounts if you should want to support our recovery. 

We understand everyone has endured suffering during this pandemic and if you aren’t able to donate, any shares of our fundraiser, our website or FB page, referrals, or recommendations of our services is greatly appreciated! 

Your support these past few months with attending our events & shopping in our Studio & online has been greatly appreciated! With your continued support we pray & hope that we can successfully keep our journey going and dig our way back, kicking & screaming! 

We are humbled by the support of our crafting community and we are hopeful that with your help our Studio will be thriving for years to come! 

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