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Covid Recovery Fundraiser for The Scrap Cabana  

We are swallowing our Pride and asking for your help! We had a dream of bringing together like minded crafters 13 years ago. We had been living that dream until Covid19 hit. This isn’t something I could have ever imagined but it’s time to ask for your help in keeping the dream alive for all of us!  Our Covid story is included below our options for assisting to keep us open! 

How can you help?  We have a few optimistic immediate suggestions below:

  • If you can donate to our Go Fund Me Covid Recovery Fund, our last-ditch effort after 9 months of exhausting all our potential revenue generating activities, we would be gratefully humbled & appreciative! 

  • Register for one of our final weekend crafting retreats in our Studio. January - March 2021. If you have enjoyed your weekends with us the past 13 years, the past 3 years in our Studio, don’t miss out in being able to say, “I crafted there and was one of the last few to enjoy the beautiful space & creative ambiance.”  Our Studio rental space is up for Sale & the owners do not want to extend our rental agreement past our lease end date of 3-31-2021. 

  • Masks are our new reality! For a $10.00 donation select one of our Covid Recovery Mask. Our family has worked tons of hours in what my kids affectionately refer to as “The Cabana Sweatshop”. It’s been quality family time and they were all on board to help! We have sewn 80 fun mask designs for you!  Masks can be purchased as is or customized to show your support of crafting & scrapbooking. If you have to wear a mask, why not make it fashionable! 

  • Register for one of our Cricut Cutting Machine Classes.

  • Purchase a gift certificate for your loved one that they can redeem until March 2021. 

  • Visit our retail store and purchase product.

  • Spread the verbal word about our Studio Covid Recovery Fundraiser with everyone you know that values cultivating creativity or small business support!

Thank you for all your support!!

 We had a dream 13 years ago of cultivating and establishing a creative space, bringing together like-minded crafters & fostering a positive energy outlet for creative passions. We had been living that dream until Covid-19 hit. This request isn’t something I could have ever imagined but it’s time to swallow our pride and ask for your help in keeping the dream alive for all of us! 

The Scrap Cabana’s best efforts over the past 9 months have fallen short in generating the revenue needed to pay the full amount of the monthly rent & expenses, let alone recover from our 3-month closure.  Since reopening we have never wavered with paying the potential of our monthly rental responsibilities.  Unfortunately, we just discovered this weekend, we have run out of time. 

The building our Studio is located is up for sale, and for us to finish out our lease until March 31, 2021 & discover a new location for our company to prevail, we need your help! The owners of our space request that we settle our outstanding balance due for 2020 by December 31st, therefore we are requesting your help! With your donations we plan to fulfill our commitment to not only our lease agreements but to you as our valued customers, conduct our 3-month events in our Studio and rebuild our company in an even better location. 

After 9 months of exhausting all our potential revenue generating activities, our last-ditch effort is creating this Go Fund Me Covid Recovery Request for Donations.  We appreciate any donations towards helping us keep our small business dreams alive!   

We are living a real-life Hallmark movie plot; small town business needs to generate money within 15 days to keep the business alive. (Minus the handsome guy (Rob) & smart business lady (Me) falling in love part.) That happened 30 yrs. ago!

Our business has been built for 13 years on the ability to offer positive, welcoming, creative, like minded individuals that have come together to relax & escape everyday challenges or stresses. 

Over the years many have created new & more often, long lasting friendships from attending our events that have extended past our gatherings. We value and cherish that our dream has offered a creative outlet & rare friendship opportunity to many. 

Never would I have imagined that I would be asking for your help but 2020, as we all know, has been a challenging year for all.  We are humbled and so thankful if you choose to donate to our small business Covid Recovery Fund!

We understand everyone has endured suffering during this pandemic and if you aren’t able to donate, we would appreciate any shares of our Covid Recovery Efforts.  Share this fundraiser, spread the verbal word about our Studio or website with everyone you know that values cultivating creativity. Our website, or our FB page, The Scrap Cabana.  As always verbal referrals, or recommendations of our services is greatly appreciated!  

Our website is also offering additional optimistic options to help us generate the funds needed by December 31, 2020.  Register for an event in our Studio, purchase one of our handmade masks, refer someone to attend our virtual Cricut Training Classes, visit our Studio to purchase retail product or purchase a gift certificate for a loved one.

Thank you for your support, past and present of our small business. We hope to survive this Covid chapter and eventually turn the page and one day we can look back and proclaim, “We survived the Covid pandemic. Anything is possible with positive support!” 

We are optimistic that we will once again reinvent our company offerings to you in a new location in 2021 should we generate the funds needed to save our small business.

Wishing you a Safe, Healthy Holiday Season, Thank You for your generosity & we hope to visit with you in 2021! 

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